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Ontario Voyagers Kayak Crew

OVKC is not a whitewater kayaking club! OVKC is a group of likeminded whitewater paddlers that love to;

  • Paddle
  • Have Fun
  • Promote Whitewater Paddling
  • Socialize with Friends
  • Organize Fun River / Paddling Events

OVKC is not for everyone, nor does it try to accommodate all paddlers. Please move on if you are easily offended or do not enjoy the dirtbag paddling lifestyle. For those that enjoy or want to experience the true Whitewater Paddling experience please feel free to contact the crew for more details.

We don’t just let anybody in this crew

Client Testimonials

“Craziest weekend ever, these guys paddle hard and party harder.  My old body can’t keep up.”
Kevin M.

“Old school boater rejuvenated by these guys, however I don’t let my daughters paddle with them”
Art V.

“These guys taught me everything I know, which may be why I am such an asshole”
Richard M.


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