Directions for DISCORD


In an effort to create communication among the group, but keep cost minimal we have utilized a program called Discord.  Discord is an online Chat Server that allows people to create groups and pages for open forum discussions and replaces a costly discussion forum on the website.  This will be instrumental in making paddling plans, paddling events, and general conversation among group. Now before you dismiss this program please take some time to login and try it.  I myself was skeptical of using it, but within an hour of playing around on it I found it very easy to use.  Although not perfect there are some great features on and about it.  A quick “how to” has been created below. Please refer to it and ask if you have any questions.

  • First you need to click Discord invite; Or go to discord website.  
  • The invite is too the OVKC Server (or chatroom), however there are several other server/chatrooms that you could join if you wanted too. 
  • It will ask you for your email and “name”.  Don’t worry you will be able to change your name in the chatroom.
  • You will have to do the typical logging on to site; email, password, etc. 
  • If you go to “+” (plus) sign in top left and say join server, paste the invite link in above and you will be taken to the OVKC server.
  • There will be a picture of a Kayaker in the top left.  If you put your mouse over this, it will say OVKC.  Click here.  If you don’t see that you may need to search for OVKC.
  • Depending on your affiliation with the OVKC group will depend on what “channels” you see.  There is a “Public” for anyone and a “Members” for those that have been invited to members channel.
  • Some of the channels include Announcements, General, Events, Shit Talk, Spring Paddling, etc. 
  • What is nice is that someone can create their own channel for specific paddling event or topic and direct conversation there.  Example “Beaver River April 4” or “Gauley 2020 Planning”.

It will take some time to get used too, but currently is OVKC’s best option.  It is also very easy to use on mobile phone. So please take time to try it out.