OVKC and Other Non-OVKC Events

Below is a list of local and not so local Paddling Events.  Some have their own Websites and organization teams’ others are just loosely run between friends.  Its suggested that you contact someone via email, text, Discord Chat Forum or directly form the website before planning to attend.  More info on theses Events will be able to be found on the OVKC Discord Chat Forum or OVKC Calendar as they approach.   

OVKC Pool Sessions:

Pool Sessions are scheduled in winter months in Peterborough.  They are a good spot to come out and practice skills, meet people, work on rolling or get friends or family involved.  There is a cost associated with them.  There are limited spaces. Look on OVKC calendar for next scheduled Pool session or contact

OVKC Spring Paddling:

Look for scheduled and impromptu spring paddling on the website and Discord Chat Forum.  Plenty of great rivers in the area that are paddled throughout the months of March, April, May.  There is lots of knowledge and expertise available for paddlers wanting this opportunity.

OVKC Weeknight Spring Paddling:

Become a regular on the weekly local evening paddles.  Usually predetermined day and time paddling jumps around from a few local play spots and short rivers during the spring months.  Look for updates on Calendar and Discord Chat Forum.

Float Your Fanny Down The Ganny:

Local organized race through Port Hope.  This is a fun, easy river trip.  A good way to get kids and adults in to spring paddling.  Best to check out Float Your Fanny Down the Ganny website.


Spring Paddling weekend for local Hwy #7 rivers.  Check out KAYAKPALOOZA page above for more information.

Hell Or High Water:

Held in Petawawa on the Town Section of the Petawawa River, this festival / race is a very popular paddling event.  It is scheduled for the Mothers Day weekend.  There are raft and kayak races, plenty of spectator options, awards ceremony and party afterwards.  Usually attended by OVKC members.

Palmer Fest:

Occurs on May 24 long weekend and held in Palmer Rapids Ontario this festival is twofold.  There is the organized festival hosted by the Paddler Co-op and then the less formal festival held on the opposite side of the river at Harold’s Campground.  Both offer unique experiences and their own excitement.  Many paddlers attend.

OVKC Ottawa Weekend:

Planned for the beginning of summer (approx. July 1st) the OVKC Ottawa weekend is a fun big water paddling weekend.  Look for details on the Calendar and Discord Chat Forum where dates and plans will be finalized.

OVKC Summer Paddling:

Although not as planned as spring paddling the local summer evening and weekend paddling is hugely popular with some.  Great for kids and beginner adults, paddling during summer months offers long days and warm waters.  Spots include Burleigh Falls, Gull River, Trent, etc.  Look for planned paddling on Discord Chat Forum and Calendar.

Beaver Fest:

New York’s Beaver Fest is a great festival for those wanting to try creeking.  Warm water and guaranteed flows, plus abundance of boaters this festival should be on any Class 3 boaters radar.  Rivers set up in difficulty over the weekend.  OVKC paddlers do attend this Labour Day classic.

Gauley Fest:

Only the biggest paddling festival in the world.  Held in West Virginia on the Gauley River, this festival is a must make.  OVKC members do usually attend.

OVKC Ottawa Trip:

Thanksgiving weekend, paddling Ottawa River.

Moose Fest:

Another American classic, held on Moose River in New York.  Worth the weekend drive to get some premier Class 5 boating.